Covid 19: Operating Procedures

Last Updated: September 2021


The priority of the 25th Purley (St. Mark’s) Scout Group (the “Group“) is to keep young people and adult volunteers SAFE at all times. Control measures are communicated to volunteers, young people and their families to ensure everyone is aware of and complies with our Operating Procedures and Covid-19 Risk Assessment.

New control measures are in place for all face to face meetings and activities, additional hygiene measures will be put in place and returning to face to face Scouting will happen in phases. The Group’s measures are reviewed regularly and will be determined in accordance with our own risk assessments and guidelines as prescribed by the UK Government, Public Health England, The Scout Association and the National Youth Agency (together, the “Regulations“)

England Readiness Level – GREEN 


If you experience symptoms of coronavirus within 14 days of a face to face Scouting activity, you must immediately inform the Group by email to [email protected]

If any personal, professional or academic bubble (that you, your child OR a member of your immediate household are part of) has been told to self isolate, you must immediately inform the Group with full details by email to [email protected]

DO NOT ATTEND a face to face Scouting activity if you or a member of your household have:

  • a high temperature, and/or
  • a new, continuous cough, and/or
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste; and/or

DO NOT ATTEND a face to face Scouting activity if you or a member of your household:

  • have tested positive for coronavirus and are within the self isolation period (currently at least 10 full days)
  • live with someone who has symptoms or tested positive for coronavirus and are within the government prescribed self isolation period
  • are part of a bubble (whether a academic, professional or personal bubble) that has been instructed to self isolate and are within the prescribed self isolation period
  • have been told to self isolate by NHS Test and Trace and are within the self isolation period (currently at least 14 days)
  • have arrived into the UK from abroad at any time in the 10 calendar days prior to the respective Scouting activity, and a) are not double vaccinated with an approved vaccine from an approved jurisdiction, b) test positive for Covid-19 during a Day 2 or Day 8 test as appropriate; or c) are arriving from a red list country and are within the prescribed quarantine hotel isolation period.

You may continue to attend any virtual meetings in any of the above circumstances.


We are permitted to run Scouting activities, depending on venue restrictions, on the condition that such activities can be managed in a way to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission. As such, activities may be altered, venues changed or cancelled at short notice.

All sessions MUST BE BOOKED in advance. This is to ensure both you and the Group have all relevant information for the session, to ensure the Group does not breach maximum group sizes, to ensure continuing compliance with the Regulations and to ensure the Group retains attendee information for NHS Test and Trace or other notification requirements as stipulated under the Regulations. Please do not travel to an activity unless you have booked a place and have received confirmation. If you arrive to an activity but have not booked a place, you will be unable to join the session. 

All young people in all sections are encouraged to continue practising social distancing where appropriate and possible, to minimise the risk to themselves and others.


Unless otherwise expressly stipulated, transport will NOT be provided by the Group. Families are asked to provide their own transport to and from Scouting activities. The Group does not recommend any form of car sharing between households (or extended households). Where this is unavoidable, we recommend you take additional precautionary measures (such as the wearing of face coverings and keeping windows open).

When arriving at a venue, parents are requested to wear a face covering, to maintain social distancing of 2metres and not congregate. Although not a legal requirement, we strongly encourage the wearing of face coverings at the 25th Purley. 

Young people are permitted to exit their vehicles upon arrival without having to wait for a member of the Leader Team. They should disembark at the designated drop off and pick up point (for Park Farm, Banstead, this is the OUTER car park as usual). At the end of an activity, parents should minimise any large group contact.

Any conversations with members of the Leader Team should, as much as possible, take place via electronic means. If there is an urgent need on the day of an activity to speak to a member of the Leader Team, please indicate this and a member of the Leader Team will advise you of any precautionary measures to take.


To each activity, all young people MUST bring an individual, named bag containing:

  1. a filled, named water bottle EVERY TIME a young person attends a face to face meeting
  2. additional clothing (such as a waterproof jacket, spare jumpers) suitable for the weather on the day of the activity
  3. all additional equipment as required and communicated to you by the Group in respect of each activity.

All individual belongings (including and in addition to those mentioned above) must remain in their respective named bag unless in use.

MASKS: ALL Scouts, Explorers and members of the Leader Team are requested to bring a face covering with them to each activity. Whenever a face covering is used, a sealable (e.g. ziploc) bag must be brought to keep the mask safe and avoid cross contamination during each session. The use of a face mask will be in accordance with the Regulations and young people and Leader Team will be directed accordingly.

CLOTHING: School uniform should not be worn to any Scouting activity. Young people and members of the Leader Team are advised to wear clean casual gear or clean Scouting uniform appropriate to the activity.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE: A filled, named water bottle must be brought to each activity. At certain events, the Group may (at its sole discretion) choose to provide additional refreshments. This will always be in line with the Regulations and appropriate for the activity.

The Group hereby accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused, whatsoever, to personal possessions that have been brought to the face to face Scouting activity.


In the event a young person requires first aid, members of the Leader Team will assess the situation and the level of intervention required. The immediate safety of the young person and members of the Leader Team is paramount. First aid kits currently include appropriate PPE (including masks, gloves, aprons and CPR face shields). Where possible, physical contact will be limited to the extent necessary – for example, a young person may be directed to apply a plaster themselves, under supervision.

Additional hygiene measures are in place and full details are contained in the Covid-19 Risk Assessment.

Where personal care is required, and in appropriate and non-urgent cases, the Leader Team may choose to contact the respective parent and/or guardian to collect the young person as soon as possible.


The Group understands that young people may have a tendency to breach social distancing guidelines and in some situations these may be unavoidable. Additionally, accidents may happen and the Group has taken precautionary measures to mitigate any risks which may develop. Young people and members of the Leader Team will be fully briefed before and during each activity and the behaviour of our young people is more important now than ever.

In the unlikely event that a situation occurs whereby the behaviour of one or more individuals may adversely affect the safety of other individuals, the Group reserves the right to either: a) immediately exclude said individual(s) from the activity; and/or b) contact the individual’s parent or guardian to collect the individual(s) and/or request that the individual(s) depart from the activity site, in the event of persistent or wilful breaches.


The NHS Test and Trace service ensures that anyone who develops symptoms of Covid-19 can quickly be tested to find out if they have the virus, and helps trace close recent contacts of anyone who tests positive and (if necessary) notifies them that they must self isolate at home to stop the spread of the virus.

If you or a member of your household tests positive for Covid-19, you may be requested to provide details of all close contacts and places where you or a member of your household has been during the relevant period. All outdoor activities are conducted with social distancing measures in place and as such may not be included in the Test and Trace requirements.

All personal information provided to us as part of our Scouting activities will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy and provided to NHS Test and Trace or other authority as per UK Government regulations, as required.